By Pam McNamara on April 5, 2014


Shareaholics Study: YouTube Pummels Facebook In Post-Click Engagement

These social engagement rate findings are truly worth pondering. Don’t give YouTube the short stick. Take pause with the hype about those content discovery engines like Stumbleupon.

From AllFacebook’s blog on 3/31/14:

Brands on Facebook striving for engagement would be wise to heed the power of videos, as a recent study by Shareaholic found that post-click engagement with Facebook posts trailed far behind the results delivered by YouTube, and also lagged behind Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Shareaholic examined six months’ worth of data from more than 200,000 websites reaching more than 250 million unique monthly visitors.

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By Pam McNamara on April 5, 2014


Win-Back Programs Work: I’m Back!



After 5+ year break, the Chicago Tribune won me back today as a print (4 days) and digital editions subscriber.

How did they do it? Marketing Tip: they delivered free samples to my door step for a week, which allowed me to reconnect with the paper and see how the quality has returned/improved. Plus it was easy to do the transaction online. Nice job to the marketers and the UX site designers.

When was the last time you went back to a brand?

P.S. And no, I have not yet run the ROI on what the Tribune invested with free issues to get me back. I guess that will depend on how long I stay….

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By Pam McNamara on March 18, 2014


Be Smart. Be Well. Join Us

As many of you know, I have been part of the content marketing team supporting since 2011. is an award-winning consumer health website produced by Health Care Service Corporation, the country’s largest customer-owned health insurer. At the forefront of the video storytelling health-information movement since 2007, BSBW helps people manage important health topics like childhood obesity, STDs, food safety and more with videos and articles that feature health experts and real-life people. Produced in collaboration with medical experts and leading health organizations, like the Centers for Disease Control, BSBW is a non-commercial, informational resource available to the public.

As we close out 2013, I am proud of the work we’ve done and what we accomplished. has built a community of 110,000+ subscribers, fans and followers, and generated 156,000 site visits and 1 million video views across 13 different topics. All this was accomplished with a client and agency team of 6 people and media budget less than $100k.

You can appreciate the heart and soul of’s content marketing strategy with this “Life Stories to Help Us All” video.

Won’t you join us for 2014?

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By Pam McNamara on February 17, 2014


Bye Bye Blackberry

After nearly 14 years, I am no longer using a Blackberry.

At the T-Mobile store in Oak Park, IL on Feb. 13, I dropped my two year “relationship” with AT&T and turned off my iPhone 3G and my Blackberry Torch 9800. The salesman and I held a little good-bye ceremony for the Blackberry. And then I fired up my new iPhone 5S. I love it.

Synchronizing the iPhone 5S with my iTunes account was a breeze – including selectively porting over the 10 days of music / 20 GB, 24 hours of podcasts, and 55 apps I have organized on my iTunes database. Think about it —  iTunes is one of Apple’s most significant customer retention initiatives.

I will miss Blackberry’s keyboard and its functionality. But that no longer makes up for all the other negatives. Furthermore, I am no longer writing the same number of “War & Peace” emails on my smartphone as I used to. Every type of corporate communication is much more abbreviated now.

One day, Harvard Business School will be doing a business case on the fall of RIM and the Blackberry (if they have not done so already). One thing I know as a marketer is Blackberry never understood individual consumers. They squandered the passion millions of consumers had for their device, from President Obama to Oprah Winfrey to me. The consumer mindset was simply not hardwired into the DNA of Blackberry’s culture or infrastructure. This fact still feels tragic to me.

P.S. A note about my switch from AT&T to T-Mobile:  T-Mobile’s “no contact” plan is what sold me to switch, plus I am saving about $25 a month. They have been aggressive in their marketing to get the word out on this plan. It is working for them enough that AT&T is firing back with similar offer. But here’s the deal, my two year contract with AT&T was up on Feb. 8, 2014. Did the company ever contact me once to inform me of new offers? NO. AT&T was hoping I wouldn’t notice the contract end date and hoped I would just keep paying what I was paying. Not much of a customer retention strategy if you ask me.

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By Pam McNamara on February 13, 2014


Responsys Finalizes Merger with Oracle

Last week Responsys finalized their merger with Oracle (Feb. 6, 2014). Why did Oracle buy Responsys?

  • Marketing orchestration is complex but critical now — This is Responsys’ B2C sweet spot, while complimenting Eloqua’s B2B marketing orchestration capabilities, so Oracle can offer these capabilities to their customers.
  • The Modern Marketing Cloud – Marketing technology is the first major business market of the cloud computing era and Oracle is capitalizing on this. The modern era is definitely here. See Scott Brinker’s take on this.

The chart below explains Oracle’s move in a nutshell:






PDF Source

What are your thoughts? Was this move good for Responsys’ current clients?


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By Pam McNamara on January 6, 2014


5 Marketing Stats to Drive 2014

As marketers their plans for launch 2014, here are 5 important stats to keep in mind, courtesy of These and more will drive your strategies and tactics over next 12 months:

1) Content: Nearly 50 percent of companies have detailed content marketing strategies. Do you?

2) Content: 78% of CMOs think custom, original content is the future of marketing.

3) Email: Emails with social share buttons increase click through rates by 158%.

4) Social: Social media budgets (for editorial and advertising) will double over next 5 years.

5) Social: 52% of all marketers have found a customer via Facebook in 2013.









Hat Tip: “Marketing Mix Tape” from


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By Pam McNamara on October 21, 2013


Content Marketing 1895 to 2013

Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, has a great recap of Content Marketing’s biggest milestones, 1895 to today. His readers add a few more good ones too. His post is how I learned about Oracle’s acquisition of Compendium last week.

Exact Target’s co-founder Chris Baggott  is sure spreading his technologies around between two powerhouses. First Exact Target is purchased by SalesForce in June-2013. Then last week, Oracle buys Compendium.

And the world keeps swirling forward.

(Hat Tip: Content Marketing Institute Blog)

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By Pam McNamara on October 15, 2013


Bedside Reading

I just ordered Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi and Youtility by Jay Baer. Why? Because these two marketers, along with several other talented pros, are articulating the best content marketing strategies for obtaining and retaining your customers today.

Last month I attended Content Marketing World with 1,700 others in beautiful downtown Cleveland (no joke) and learned a lot a ton in two days time. Honestly it was like getting two MBA level marketing courses completed in 48 hours. I heard both Joe and Jay speak at the conference and came away knowing I wanted to read their new books.

Give me a few weeks and I’ll be back with a review for each book, read through the prism of the real world my clients like Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Palm Restaurant, and live in.




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By Pam McNamara on August 23, 2013


More Simply Put

I wish every consumer brand and B2B brand wrote their online Terms of Service (TOS) agreements / contracts like Pinterest. With this level of attention to detail, is it any wonder that Pinterest now has over 70 millions users who average 98 minutes per month on the site? They want all visitors to have a fantastic customer experience.

With their TOS, users truly understand what they are signing up for when they use Pinterest, sans all the legalese.

How do they do it? Pinterest makes use of  ”More Simply Put” language, which is truly unique. Here is one example about their copyright policy:

3. Copyright Policy

Pinterest has adopted and implemented the Pinterest Copyright Policy in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. For more information, please read our Copyright Policy.

More simply put:

We respect copyrights. You should, too.

Have you checked the language in your terms of service, privacy policy, renewal contracts, FAQs, and purchase orders lately? Do they need an overhaul?

Think how much better your customers’ experience would be with your company if you used plain-spoken, legal language.

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By Pam McNamara on August 14, 2013


Part Mad Scientist. Part Artist.

From our Scott Brinker at Chief Marketing Technologist, here’s a great description of marketers today that I think fits: 

“Marketers have always been part mad scientist, part artist, but the art elements have been drowned in the sea of technology. When marketing really embraces the (technology) tools, they can get back to the creative and strategic art of marketing, but now will have the data they always wanted to make the best decisions.”

This comes from Scott’s interview with Darren Guarnaccia, SVP product marketing at Sitecore, to pick his brain on the evolution of content management and marketing’s relationship with technology. Worth a full read.

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